Car Clubs NZ

Most New Zealand car clubs are listed alphabetically for your convenience. Whether you are looking for a vintage, classic, hot rod or any type of car club, we are happy to share with you. They all have links to their websites for your convenience. We have car clubs NZ wide listed by the city or town such as Auckland, Wellington etc and by the makes such as Ford, Holden, Rover etc. There are some listed by the car model such as Mustang or Model T Ford. If you have a  car club not listed, please email us & we will add it with all the other car clubs in New Zealand.

A30/A35 Owners Club

This is the English Austin A30 and A35 members car club.

Alfa Romeo Owners Club of New Zealand

For this Italian marque, this New Zealand wide club, has a great member following and includes popular models such as the Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, the Alfa Sud & many more car models.
64 Two Chain Road
07 548 2277
Christchurch 7476

Alfa Romeo Trofeo Series

The Alfa Romeo has a proud motor racing history, the enthusiasts of our car club have regular meetings & put their racing breed alfa Romeos through their paces.
c/o Brian Todd, 406 Riddell Rd
021 423 234
Auckland 1071

All Classic Japanese Series

With the popularity & diversity of the Japanese car, their are many opportunities for you to join & participate in this relatively cost affordable form of motor car racing.
29 Araminta Place
09 536 4900
Auckland 2018

American Classic Car Club Canterbury Inc

The club was formed during the 1970’s. It continues to be a strong club of like-minded people of all ages, like-minded in that all of our members have a passion for American Classic Cars.
PO Box 758
03 322 7200
Christchurch 8140

American Muscle Car Club New Zealand

If you like American Muscle cars with plenty of horsepower & grunt then this club is for you. With participation in the drags this truly is an action club to be a part of.
PO Box 62575 Kalmia Street

Auckland 1051

Antique Truck Club of America

Although this is an American classic & vintage truck club, there are truly some great photos in the gallery of some meticulously restored old model Macks, Kenwoorth & white trucks to name a few.

Ashburton Car Club

A great local car club with all motor sport in its blood. If you're from South Canterbury & you want to get involved in a well organized car club visit their website to see how you can be involved.
PO Box 163
027 444 2293

Ashburton Vintage Car Club Inc

PO Box 382
03 308 4402

Association of Rover Car Clubs NZ

This a great website to put you in touch with your local afilliated Rover Car Club. We welcome all Rover owners with great models such as the Rover 3500 V8, Rover 90 plus many more.
P.O. Box 23 - 401


Auckland Car Club

The Auckland Car Club is probably the largest Car Club in New Zealand, with a large member base & many models this is really a diverse but popular car club within the Auckland region.
44 Stoddard Road
Mt Roskill
09 620 9797
Auckland 1041

Auckland Corvette Club

Even though the Auckland Corvette Club is based in Auckland it attracts dedicated Corvette owners from throughout the North Island. They have a relaxed membership who enjoy meetings.
PO Box 283
09 267 3181

Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club

Do you have a 4WD & want to put it through it's paces then the Auckland 4WD club could be just what you're looking for. With regular off road adventures this would be a great club to join.
PO Box 6712
Wellesley St
027 431 0923
Auckland 1010

Auckland Motor Cycle Club

The Auckland Motorcycle Club has a membership from a diverse background but who have a love for big bikes, particularly track racing, road cruising & great comradeship.

Auckland Mustang Owners Club (AMOC)

So you have a Mustang & you want to get togethor with like minded Mustang lovers then the Auckland Mustang Club is just for you. With over 160 Mustangs in the club, why not join yorself.
PO Box 44-062
Point Chevalier
09 294 7298
Auckland 1022

Auckland Stock and Saloon Car Club

Since 1967 Auckland's Waikeraka Park has been the home to all stock and saloon car racing in Onehunga. If you're visiting Auckland don't miss an action packed meeting.
PO Box 13488
021 521 456

Auckland Triumph Car Club

If you live in Auckland, you have a Triumph, TR 6, Herald, Toledo or similar then get in touch with the Auckland Triumph car Club. they have regular meetings, so call them now.
PO Box 62201
Mt Wellington


Auckland Vintage Speedway Club

The Auckland Vintage Speedway Club have members with cars of true pedigree racing nostalgia. If you have a similar car & want to get involved with these Auckland enthusiasts then get in touch now.
PO Box 45127
09 827 0017

Austin Healey Club of New Zealand

If you are the owner of one of these rare appreciating classics & you appreciate a concourse vehicle, then you could take part in rallies & cometition trophy events.
PO Box 6077

Tauranga 3110

Autosport Club

An appreciation of rallying is the first step in the door to joining this very social & active membership of an exciting form of motorsport. Check out their website & maybe you could be part of the action.
PO Box 24
027 484 1404

Banks Peninsula Vintage Car Club

This New Zealand wide enthusiast club enjoy participation in swap meets, rallies & many other forms of vintage car appreciation. If you have a vintage car why not give them a call.
PO Box 13693
03 980 6755

Bay of Plenty Mustang Owners Club

With the Classic Mustang this is a real enthusiasts club with all the benefits of comradeship, vehicle appreciation & rallies of the Mustang car in the Bay Of Plenty.

Bay Rodders

If you are a Hot Rod fan in the Bay Of Plenty, then Bay rodders is probably for you. With swap meets, drags & show days, it's truly a great club to be a part off.

Beach Hop

This iconic meet of all classic & hot vehicles is a once a year event held at the beachside location of Whangamata. It is held in the last weekend of March & many thousands of people attend.

Beach Hop Photography

If you want to know what the beach hop is like, here is a taste of the fantastic weekend. If you attended , here is a great way of purchasing your favourite vehicle or moment of the weekend.
706 Port Road
07 865 8832
Whangamata 3620

BMW Car Club of New Zealand

The BMW Car Club is a large but has a very active membership who enjoy outings and appreciation of this great German marque. View their website if you feel you would like to join.
P O Box 7113
Wellesley St
09 849 5218
Auckland 1010

Bruce McLaren Trust

The Bruce McLaren Trust was formed in 1997 in honour of one of our greatest motor racing drivers. It serves as a reminder with the history, the story & ultimately his tragic death.
PO Box 109 050
(09) 522 8224

Cadillac La Salle Club of New Zealand

The Cadillac Car Club is a tribute to this luxury American marque & salutes it's amazingly smooth & every possible extra designed to bring motoring to a new level.
P O Box 984

New Plymouth

Cam County Inc

If you're in Wellington & have an appreciation of classic Hot Rods & Street vehicles this club is for you. Have you got a classic Chevy, Ford or similar then call our Wellington based Car Club.
PO Box 31055
Lower Hutt
04 472 2139

Cantebury Morris Minor Club Inc.

Are you in Canterbury & love these classic beautifully made, reliable, mass produced motor cars. Then you would be best to get in touch with this classic car club.

Canterbury Car Club

The Canterbury Car Club has an enthusiastic membership who participate in regular race meetings & get togethors. All are welcome & check out their website for joining.
325 Brougham St
03 349 6003
Christchurch 8023

Capital Corvette Club Wellington

This is a car Club with over 50 members. If you live in the Wellington area, have a genuine appreciation of this fine American muscle car, then get in touch with our Car Club.
4 Mallard Grove
Churton Park
027 452 6274
Wellington 6037

Capital Rodders

Capital Rodders are based in Porirua & if you are living in Wellington you are welcome to get along to one of their monthly meetings, introduce yourself & take part in all their club activities.
P O Box 5102


Chevrolet Enthusiasts Club Of NZ

The Chevrolet Club is a club of GM enthusiasts with beautiful classic motor vehicles. Mainly from the 1930's to the 1970's they have a great collection of fine automobiles.
PO Box 76331
09 836 5321

Christchurch Corvettes New Zealand

Christchurch has a dedicated corvette Car Club. As you can see by the photo it has an active membership with regular rallies throughout Canterbury. If your in Christchurch, give us a call.

Christchurch Rod & Custom Club

Christchurch has an active membership in this classic rod & custom car club. If you have a show stopping car & want to get involved with some real enthusiasts, visit their site & give them a call.
PO Box 37068


Circle Track Racing Association of NZ

This is a club of speedway enthusiasts with a special but short history. if you're interested why not visit their website & learn about this club.
c/o 1835 Egmont Rd

Taranaki 4386

Citroen Car Club Canterbury

For Canterbury Citroen car club owners, this is the perfect way to share your affection for this favoured French marque.
PO Box 10 327
03 326 5758
Christchurch GU21 6YG

Classic and Sportscar Club Northland

A Northland Classic & Sports car club has a membership that is friendly & relaxed. If you enjoy your car, live in Northland, give them a call now.

Classic Cortina

The Ford cortina Car club has a membership of dedicated Corina Fans throughout the country. If you enjoy knowing what is going on in the Classic Cortina scene then keep in touch on their website.
PO Box 2385
03 313 8171

Classic Japanese Car Club (Christchurch)

This is true Japanese nostalgia. Our Christchurch based Car Club celebrates all the beautiful condition original cars to come out of Japan. All classic old Japanese car makes are welcome.
PO Box 31 161
03 358 8324
Christchurch GU21 6YG

Classic Mini NZ

We cover most of the Mini Car Clubs in NZ. Like all other Car Clubs we look to preserve this iconic little car & celebrate with merchandise as well as regular meetings & outings.

Classic Motorcycle Racing Register

We are a club whose members motorcycles pre date 1976. We are based in Auckland but cover the country with our membership whose bikes include Italian, British & American motorcycles.
PO Box 104285

Auckland 0610

Classic Motoring Society of NZ

The Classic Motoring Society of New Zealand celebrate their old classic cars with serious club runs & meetings. The idea is to get these old classics onto all the back roads of New Zealand.
PO Box 10331
03 341 3141

Classic Trial Register

If you have a Classic quality European car & want to put it through some club time trials then this is the club for you. This is a club where comradeship & the thrill of giving your car a descent work out.
PO Box 100 869
09 479 3105
Auckland DH2

Club Lotus New Zealand

Our Auckland based Car Club is Lotus, from old to new all are welcome. We have members from all around the country, who enjoy the comradeship of owning such a great British sports car.
PO Box 27 016
Mt Roskill
027 494 1570
Auckland 1041

Club Targa Inc

This is a well organized three meeting a year celebration of classic cars been driven how they should be. Approximately 200 contestants race on closed off public roads throughout New Zealand.
341 Great South Road
09 298 8322
Auckland 2110

Commer Van Fan

This is almost extinct so it was good to see a club keeping the Commer van brand alive & well. As unique as this icon is there are very few left on New Zealand roads, hence this is a UK car club.

Commodore Car Club of New Zealand

The Holden Commodore marque has a huge following an an amazing longevity for a single model starting from the first models in 1979 to 2012 & still going strong. All Commodore owners welcome.
44 Stoddard Road
Mt Roskill

Auckland 1041

Counties Manukau Off- road Racing Club

This is an exciting, fast & furious off road car racing club. With head to head racing, it's a great spectacle & a huge amount of fun with our Manukau based Car Club.
11 Ryan Place

Auckland 2104
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