Classic Car Restoration -  this should represent approx 25 % or more of total business turnover (with some photos of work)

If you are after a Specialist Classic Car Restoration Company, then this category is specifically for panel beaters whose restoration work takes up more than 25 % of their total business. Essentially this is for car restorers who specialise in a special model, (like a Mustang), classic, vintage, street, custom rods,  etc. Also by country ie - French, American, British, German, Italian, Australian, motorcycles or by pure muscle V8's. Lastly specialist sports builders, rally cars, dragsters, race cars etc.
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Nearly all Panelbeaters can carry out restoration work as well .....

The idea of this classification is to guide you to the specialist car restorers, whose main speciality is a certain type of car or category of car. We must emphasise a lot of panelbeaters DO have the necessary skills to carry out this detailed work & they can make mention of this in their general listings. However we think it only fair that the companies in this category who have a certain speciality that this is made easier to find for the readers.  
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